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Welcome Winter

Winter?! Yes, winter, you see, the big celebrations of death, like Halloween/Samhain/Dia de los Muertos span across cultures because this is when the plants and the earth "die" and go inward. Now we enter the season of night. All of the energy and life from spring and summer must come to an end. No plant is in bloom all year round, and no person should either. Take the time to do some well needed reflection, and see what comes up. What is so deeply wanting to arise in you? What are your deepest desires? Tips for Winter - Start or renew your commitment to a journal - Cook nourishing, warm foods with seasonal veggies like squash - Nest and spend time with loved ones*

- Take note of your dreams *This one is tricky because the holidays are the times when there are a lot of group events, and sometimes this means we are spending a lot of time with people we don't like, or who really, really get on our nerves. We don't always choose who's in our families! Plus there are so many strange and delicious foods to eat, like pie AND cookies, meats and candied vegetables. This can be rough on our body, especially the digestive and nervous systems.

A couple ways to support yourself this winter with herbs are:

- Take bitter herbs before meals. You don't need a lot, just five drops will do the trick to give your digestive system a kick-start!

- Make tea from relaxing herbs when you get home from your day or a half hour before bed time.

- Visit your local herbalist before you get sick! Herbs work in ways that pharmaceuticals can't; plant medicine can be preventative medicine and work in restorative ways.

Happy Winter!

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