Bringing the Outside In

Photo by Selina Jean Weiss On a Thursday night in December I arrive at San Francisco County Jail 2, just before 6 o'clock with an armful of roses and some freshly cut eucalyptus branches. The sherif at the front desk of the SOMA Jail is not surprised by me, or my load. She routinely asks for my ID and files it away. Then she assigns me a badge and a locker key "Lucky Number 7" she says, as I sign in and accept her offering. When Elisa, my facilitator arrives, she does that same and then we review our materials with the sheriff. "Worksheets, check. Roses, check, that one is easy." The sherif is matching the items in our arms to the pre-approved list of items we have requested to bring in."J

New Moon Rituals

New moon nights are dark. This makes it a great time to look inward, be quiet + still, to journal and rest. As we start a new cycle, like harness the energy of renewal with a little ceremony. Not familiar with a ceremony? It's not as daunting as you might think. To keep it simple and straightforward, this article is written like a party invitation. Enjoy planning your party -- I mean ritual! Who: You! Your friend! Your lover! Your blood or chosen family. Your community. Who ever you want to witness this moment, intention, feeling or event. Solo rituals can be super powerful! Do not underestimate the value of your own presence. If you're looking for a buddy or witness, I recommend choosing a

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