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All of our ancestors used plants as medicine.

What is energetic herbalism?

My practice of energetic herbalism is informed by my belief that we are made up of more than a physical body. Our energetic bodies, emotional and spirit bodies, inform the physical body. This practice was taught to me by the plants and by my teachers Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes at the Blue Otter School. By working with the subtle bodies (energetic, emotional, and spirit) and by addressing root traumas, I see my clients find more balance and renewed strength.


What happens in an initial consultation?

At our first two meetings, expect to share a lot about yourself and your health history. I use an intake form that will help guide our conversation about your health, healing, illness and traumas. I will ask a lot of questions in order to gather the information I need to prepare your first formula. 


After our meeting I will work with the information you have given me to formulate a personalized tincture blend. I will also provide lifestyle and dietary suggestions. I will contact you when your formula is ready for pick up, which is usually 1 week.


What should I expect as a client?

As a client you should expect to be energetically held in order to allow growth and healing to occur. All consultations are confidential and I strive to create a safe space for you.

"Bonnie is non-judgmental, open, funny, and kind. The support she offered me is invaluable, and I would recommend her services to anyone who's curious to learn more about how herbs can improve their quality of life!” - G.T.

What happens in a follow up consultation?

During a follow up consultation we will review what has changed for you, and what else needs to be addressed. I will primarily use the information we discussed at the initial consultation, and ask you to update me on where you would like more support. From there I will create a new personalized tincture blend for you. Clients will usually schedule a follow up consultation when they run out of their tincture, which is about every 6-8 weeks.


What is your background and experience in herbalism?

I started studying herbalism in 2010 for my personal health. I have a background as an urban farmer, trained at Little City Gardens in San Francisco. In 2012 I was an apprentice in the Herb Pharm Herbaculture Program, where I learned about the cultivation and harvest of medicinal herbs.


Two years later I apprenticed with Peg Shafer at The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm in Petaluma, CA. I founded 1849 Medicine Garden, an urban herbal farm on ⅙ of an acre in San Francisco’s Mission District dedicated to access and education about medicinal plants for city folk. I ran a 25 person CSA and worked as a medicine farmer and medicine maker at 1849 Medicine Garden.


When the garden closed in 2015, I wrote a book about my experience, Deeply Rooted: Medicinal Plant Cultivation in Techtropolis. Afterwards I toured the country teaching herbal storytelling workshops.


In 2017 + 2019 I attended The Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine in Siskiyou County, CA to study clinical energetic herbalism with Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes.


I have worked with friends and family using herbs to support their wellbeing for years and opened the doors of my clinical practice the fall of 2017 in San Francisco, CA.

"She is inquisitive, attentive, deeply thoughtful, and cares so much for the people she works with. Her care and her medicine have helped me through incredibly difficult transitions and situations as well as helped me better understand how to care for my health and well-being on a day-to-day basis.” - A.E.

Where are you located?

My clinical practice is primarily held on Zoom. If you would prefer to meet in person I am able to travel to your home or a local park to meet with you. Please let me know if you prefer an in-person meeting when you book.

Herbal bouquet

What is the intention of your herbal practice?

My intention is to support my community in San Francisco, CA and the Pacific coast to live more supported lives by using and connecting to plants. From my previous work at 1849 Medicine Garden as an urban herbal farmer and medicine maker, I know how powerful it is when people meet the plants that have provided so much growth and healing for them. As a farmer, teacher, and author I was surrounded by people who were interested in herbal medicine and wanted to go deeper by working one-on-one with a practitioner. After many years of self-study and certification from Blue Otter, I offer myself and my services as an herbal practitioner to urbanites.

"Through my work with BRW, I feel empowered to look beyond conventional pharmaceuticals when navigating the often bumpy terrain of having a body.” - J.P.

What are your personal beliefs for healing?

I believe that the body heals itself. The herbs, dietary and lifestyle recommendations that I give my clients are intended to allow the body to rest, recuperate, and find harmony and ease— ultimately to heal. Healing takes many forms and often it is often non-linear. All people heal differently and that is why each of my clients is treated with a unique blend of herbs and a personalized protocol.


I believe that the energetic body informs the physical body. I work with plant spirits to address disharmony in the the spirit bodies and the lowest effective physical dose to address imbalance in the physical body. In this way, all parts of the being are supported to find new rhythms and habits that serve the individual as their best self. When I work with a client I take into account human physiology and modern scientific research as well as an energetic assessment of energy flow in the body. I witness the person exactly where they are and envision them in complete wellness. From there, I work with herbs to best support the whole person and their healing journey.

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