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Winter Wellness Series

Winter Night Seed is a small online gathering of people who are ready to deepen their practices of herbal medicine, seasonal wellness, plant-spirit meditation and divination.

In this five part series, we will be  diving into various forms of getting quiet with ourselves in the season of night. We will find ways to listen so that we can sow the seeds we want to sow in spring.

It all starts Thursday, December 14th!

This offer is for you if you are wanting to...​

  • Build and learn in community.

  • Deepen into self during colder, quiet months through reflection and divination.

  • Strengthen knowledge of earth-based ritual for self care as a practitioner, care worker or parent.

  • Learn about season-specific herbs and how to dose + prepare them.

  • Build or fortify a practice of plant-spirit medicine.

  • Design and commit to sustainable spiritual self-care ritual.


Course Overview 

Week 1  Herbs for Winter. Seasonal Wellness. Community Building.

Week 2  Mood Supporting Herbs. Boundaries. Poetry + Journaling.

Week 3  What is divination? Review of popular methods. Play time.

Week 4  How to sit with plants. Physical vs. energetic dosing. Plant-Spirit Meditation.

Week 5 Dreamwork. Intention Setting for Spring.


This workshop series includes​

  • Five, 1 ½ hour group meetings on Zoom.

  • Weekly seasonal wellness suggestions and journaling prompts for personal reflection.

  • Support to develop a personalized spiritual self care ritual.

  • Guided exploration of herbalism, divination, dreamwork and plant-spirit meditation.

  • 1 oz bottle of a mystery flower essence.

  • A small group; limited to a maximum of 10 people.



A daily internal practice (meditation/divination/herbalism, etc) during the course is encouraged. This can be 5 minutes per day or 30 minutes per week --or more!


Via our online platform, you will be encouraged to share gems of your wintering process in the journey of this course with the small group community. While not required, this can be encouraging, community building and support accountability.

How to Join the Group

Step 1 This offering is part workshop, part group consultation. In order to find a harmonious group with similar goals, please complete the application/waitlist here: Winter Wellness Workshop Application


Step 2 Look for a follow up email from me, starting November 30th, and rolling.


Step 3 Choose which payment level is best for you at this time and complete payment at Registration closes on Sunday December 10th.


Step 4 You’ll get a confirmation email immediately upon payment. I will follow up with more information about how to access the class resources within about 2 days.


Step 5 Join us live for our first session on Thursday December 14th, 6-7:30pm!

About the Facilitator

Bonnie Rose Weaver works one-on-one with clients to encourage radical, holistic healing as a clinical energetic herbalist. They teach hands-on workshops and are the author of Deeply Rooted: Medicinal Plant Cultivation in Techtropolis. They are based on occupied Ohlone Land, "San Francisco, CA."


The Deets



Five consecutive Thursday evenings, December 14th, 2023 - January 11th, 2024



6 - 7:30pm PT





Thank you for contributing what you can afford so that people of diverse economic backgrounds are able to join the workshop series.

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