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Outdoor consultations

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Welcome to Wild Walks! This is a limited series of herbal consultations that will take place in the gorgeous wild canyon of Glen Park in San Francisco, California (Occupied Ramaytush Ohlone Land, known as Yelamu) from June 26th - August 7th.


This is a pilot program of less formal (yet always confidential*) outdoor consultations called Wild Walks. It's like walking and chatting with a trusted friend.

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This offer is for you if...​

  • You're wanting a part of your physical, emotional or spiritual world to shift from being a burden to a blessing ✨

  • You have been curious about what it's like to work with an herbalist

  • You want to get more outdoor movement this summer.

  • You're ready for a lower-priced holistic consultation.

  • You are wanting to embody how the wellbeing of your body and your local ecology is interconnected. 🦎

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During the Session 

  • Meet me at the bench under the bulletin board at the Elk Street entrance of Glen Canyon Park.

  • Bring questions and thoughts about your physical, emotional or spiritual wellbeing.

  • Together we will be immersed in the beauty of the lush canyon.

  • The consultation can happen in motion or we can find a quiet place to sit and talk. 

What to Expect from Me 

  • A curious and calm presence

  • Open hearted deep listening and non-judgment 💚

  • To address the whole person; from your physical to energetic bodies with consideration to the root of a disease or imbalance.

  • Practical suggestions for busy, urban lifestyles

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What you will Receive 
  • 1 hour of movement (or outdoor, seated) in beautiful Glen Park Canyon, SF

  • Four to six (4-6) herbal, diet and lifestyle suggestions

  • A follow-up email summarizing herbal and lifestyle suggestions we discuss

  • A deeper sense of seasonal well being and sense of place

  • Gain access to "active client" rate for tinctures at $12/oz




What if it’s raining?

Two or three days before the Walk, I’ll send you an email to check in. If the forecast is inclement weather, you can choose to either reschedule your appointment or we can do it over the phone.


*Is this a confidential consultation?

I always hold confidentiality in my practice, however in a public setting there is a chance that a passer-by might overhear what we are discussing. I will take your lead on what you feel like discussing if there are other people nearby. I am also happy to find a less-trafficked space to discuss more sensitive topics.


Is there follow up care?

Aside from an email summary there is no specific follow up care for this appointment. However, you are wanting more support you are welcome to become an “active client” by starting the Energetic Herbalism Package.


I’m an active client, can I do a Wild Walk?

Absolutely! If you have been seen as my client previously, we can pick up where we left off during this consultation. Plus, you (and your friends) get a $10 discount!


Do I need to bring anything?

No, however we are in SF after all, so be sure to wear layers. I usually like to wander the canyon with a bottle of water, good walking shoes, wearing a sun hat and SPF.


If you’re someone who likes to take notes you can bring a small notebook or plan a place to take notes on your phone or other device.


What can we discuss?

Anything you’d like! From my perspective as an energetic herbalist, we can discuss any aspect about your wellbeing from physical to emotional to spiritual, and in particular, how they might be connected. Keep in mind that we will have one hour, so we usually have time to cover 1 bigger topic (something chronic or on-going) or 2-3 smaller topics (something new or acute).

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About the Herbalist

Bonnie Rose Weaver works one-on-one with clients to encourage radical, holistic healing as a clinical energetic herbalist. They teach hands-on workshops and are the author of Deeply Rooted: Medicinal Plant Cultivation in Techtropolis. They are based on occupied Ohlone Land, "San Francisco, CA."


The Deets



Wednesdays from July 3rd to August 7th, 2024



2:30 - 7pm PT


In person! Meet me at the Elk Street entrance to Glen Canyon Park in San Francisco, CA.

Pilot Pricing

$70 New clients

$60​ Active clients of my practice (and their direct referrals) are welcome to enjoy $10 off this consultation.

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