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Suggestions for Humans

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Suggestions for Humans is a new article in New Moon Newsletters - my bi-moonthly newsletter. Here, you can learn about simple self care wellness tip that you may want to consider incorporating into your life. They will not be difficult. They will be short, sweet and respectful of your choices. They are informed by the dozens of humans I talk to on a weekly basis who are living in this time, in this place, and many of them are asking me about how to live happier, healthier lives. Suggestions for Humans is based on some suggestions I have for humans.

Suggestion #1: Drink more water. Tips: - Coffee, tea, beer, wine, kombucha and juice are are non-hydrating (and in the case of beverages with caffeine or alcohol they are dehydrating).

- For every cup of non-water that is drunk, consider drinking two cups of water to help the body rehydrate.

- Keep a water bottle or glass at your desk or work station, to encourage smaller, more frequent drinking.

- Carry a water bottle with you.

- How much, you ask? A rough estimate is your body weight, divided by 2, in ounces. For a human 150 lbs, 75oz/day, or 2-4 water bottles worth (depending on how big your water bottle is). Why? When we talk about drinking water, we're talking about allowing each and every cell in your body to have enough moisture to do it's job. We're also talking about supporting the urinary system, which flushes out toxins and anything that the body does not need. Dehydration can often present as chapped lips and dry skin, low energy, headaches, reduced function of internal organs, and increased acne. For most health conditions, a big way to support the body rest and repair is to stay hydrated and flush it out. Cheers to the elixir of life!

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