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Don't Forget to Pack...

The long days of summer are here, which call for grand adventures! Heading out on a trip? Weather you are going backpacking or jet setting, you won’t want to forget these herbal items for your long days of fun.

The honest truth is, I carry most of these things around with me all the time. (Because every day is an adventure!) Having a little bit of herbal support within arm’s reach allows me to feel supported, whether I’m working outside landscaping, or have a long day of clients. This kit makes it easier to bounce back if something unexpected comes up.


I recommend seeking out a zinc-based block, as it is all natural, making it better for your body and Mama Earth. Just check out the “active ingredients” on the back of the bottle to find out what’s in your block. You do have to rub it in more to avoid looking like a snowman. Titanium dioxide is another good choice.

Bug spray

The best herbal bug sprays are made with Eucalyptus citriadora, which is a type of eucalyptus that smells like citronella. Once you find this essential oil, it’s easy to make your own spray. Get any spray bottle, use 3/4 water and 1/4 vodka or brandy. Then add 10 drops of the Eucalyptus citriatora EO. Shake and use directly on the skin or clothing.

Herbal Green Salve

A mainstay for a classic herbal first aid kit, an herbal salve usually has plantain, yarrow, calendula and other skin-healing herbs infused in a base of olive oil and beeswax. Great for any bump, scratch, hangnail, rash (except poison oak*), cut or dry skin. I think of it as an “herbal Neosporin.”

Hand Sanitizer

You never know when you will find a pit toilet at your lunch spot. Or street food after a crowded bus ride? I'm a germ freak, so better safe then sorry.

Echinacea Tincture

Best taken at the very FIRST SIGN of a cold, this powerful plant ally has the ability to ward off a cold or shorten the duration or symptoms. She boosts white blood cells; our defense mechanism. Never hurts to have this great immune system support on hand. I do not leave the house without it!

Passionflower and/or California Poppy Tincture

I can be a sensitive sleeper so I keep sleep aids close. Usually they can be found on my bedside table, but when I’m on the go, they are at the top of my pack. These two are also great for relaxation if you are prone to anxiety, worry or just need to take an edge off at the end of a long day.

Rose Hydrosol

OK, this one is purely for pampering. But sometimes you need a little pampering! Hydrating and fragrant, this all-natural spray is the “byproduct” of the essential oil industry. After a long day in a car or plane, this mist on the face feels like full soul revival! Highly recommended after a good cry. Use alone or before moisturizing as part of your daily face care.

Tailor your kit to your needs and preferences; I like to have tea, nail clippers and toothpaste on hand at all times too! Most importantly, have fun out there!

* I will give you the real-deal full scoop on dealing with Poison Oak next month, stay tuned!

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