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Bonnie Rose Weaver is a force of nature: an urban farming herbalist with a deep connection to using plants to heal. Her gorgeous book, Deeply Rooted, informs and inspires the radical understanding that we, as city-dwelling folk, can connect back to our herbal heritage to heal the earth, and ourselves.

- Novella Carpenter, Farm City and The Essential Urban Farmer

​Bonnie Rose gets it – Deeply Rooted is based in ancient wisdom and has a modern sense of place.

Peg Schafer, Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm


Deeply Rooted is a genuine statement of love, dedication, artistry, empowerment, and life-affirming rebellion. Beyond these very real cultural elements, Deeply Rooted comprises a handsome, nicely illustrated, well-written, informed book about growing and using herbs in the Big City.
- Matthew Wood MS (Herbal Medicine)
Registered Herbalist (AHG)

Deeply Rooted is a book about the art, politics, and uses of herbal medicine for city folks.

In Deeply Rooted, Weaver brings together medicinal and growing information, story and politics. She weaves these topics together in a way that reminds us how everything is interconnected. Weaver shares valuable and practical information through her lens of love and respect for the plants.

-Sarah Holmes, Clinical HerbalistBlue Otter School of Herbal Medicine Co-Host of The Herbal Highway on KPFA

Deeply Rooted is filled with insight, wisdom and most importantly hope. Hope for a world that doesn’t leave us victims to a broken medical and agricultural system.-Jamie Chan, Fog City Gardener

Notable Features

-Over 40 original graphics by Bonnie Rose Weaver including full spreads for gardening use

-Foreword by San Francisco urban farmer Caitlyn Galloway of Little City Gardens

-Essay by Lauren Kaneko-Jones, LAc  of Well in the West about living in harmony with the seasons for urban dwellers

-Herbal cultivation techniques

-Suggested use and dosage for 20 Bay Area herbs

-A guide for healers to responsibly engage with their bioregion 
-Discussion of herbalism in context of urban agriculture and the future of herbal medicine

-Folklore and historical context for medicinal herbs throughout time

-FAQ’s for beginners and experienced herb growers

-The story and map of 1849 Medicine Garden

-Tea recipes and more!

Deeply Rooted now on sale in the online shop.

Thanks for your continued interest + support!
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